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The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre (TLC) is staffed by qualified and experienced Learning Advisers who work with students to give practical advice and strategies to master the academic, language and numeracy skills needed to study successfully in an Australian university. Learning Advisers work with students from all programs and at all levels to with a view to improving the students’ results and overall study experience.  From students who experience difficulty adjusting to the academic requirements of tertiary study through to high achieving students who are aiming for excellence, all are welcome at The Learning Centre and will be supported and assisted by our Learning Advisers.  Learning Advisers also work closely with the Faculty to ensure that the help students get is targeted toward their studies.

The Learning Centre offers a drop- in service, one-to-one appointments, small group sessions and skills workshops which are advertised regularly. This means that students have an abundance of opportunities to get the support, advice and assistance needed to achieve the results they desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a cost for workshops or appointments?

No.  All workshops, appointments or visits to the Language & Learning Centre or a Learning Adviser are free. There are also many free on-line materials to assist you with your academic and academic language skills.

Below are the current Language Guides:

Academic Writing

Case Study Writing

Literature Review Writing

Reflective Writing

Report Writing

2. What kind of help can I get from a Learning Adviser?

Learning Advisers work with students from all programs and at all levels. The following services are offered by the Learning advisers at the TLC:

  • Workshops and individual appointments to help students improve writing skills, reading and note taking, studying for exams & oral presentations.
  • We can also help you to improve the structure of written assignments, organize ideas, develop arguments and understand the expectations of university study.

Numeracy Adviser

Brett Vance
Office Hours: Tuesday and Friday 10am to Noon and 1pm to 4:30pm
Mobile: 0438169691

Click on the video below to see what topics the Numeracy Workshops cover.


3. What are “workshops”?

Workshops are interactive sessions with a Learning Adviser. We offer workshops on a range of topics that are relevant to your studies. Full of useful information, tips and practical exercises, they're designed to help you achieve academic success.

Click here for the latest timetable

All workshops are free, but you will need to register to attend workshops.

You can register by emailing us at:

4. I would like to attend a workshop but I have a lecture at the same time, what do I do?

Let us know either by email or by dropping in and we will arrange to do a workshop for you at a different time.

Do I need an appointment for assignment help?

It helps to make an appointment but if you drop in to the TLC and the Learning Advisers are available, they can help you straight away. Be aware that you should not drop in just before the assignment is due: plan to see a Learning Adviser at least a week before the assignment due date.

6. How long is an appointment and what should I bring?

Appointments are usually 30 minutes in length. Bring along the subject guide and the assignment that you need help with.

Please note that learning advisers do not proof-read. We cannot advise on what content, ideas or arguments to include. Our focus is on helping you learn how to edit your own work and manage your studies.

Can I see a Learning Adviser more than once about an assignment?

If there is time available then you can visit the Learning Adviser more than once. In fact this is a good idea as they can check your revised and edited work and give you extra feedback. Remember, Learning Advisers provide guidance: you do the work!


Language & Learning Centre:

Level 8 - Room 801

Language & Learning Adviser
Office Hours: 10.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays)
Phone: 3001 7843 

Numeracy Adviser
Brett Vance
Office Hours: Tuesday and Friday 10am to Noon and 1pm to 4:30pm
Mobile: 0438 169 691