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Graduation and Alumni


Graduation celebrates the completion of your studies, and marks your transition from student to graduate.

If you are close to graduating, you should familiarise yourself with the graduation processes and procedures.

Below is some information to help you with your graduation process:

  1. Step One (All Students ) Online Graduation Application Form
  2. Step Two (All Students) Academic Dress Hire Form
  3. Step Three - (International Students Only) Australian Higher Education Statement

2016 Brisbane Graduation Ceremony

The 2016 Brisbane Graduation Ceremony (Faculty of Law, Business and the Creative Arts) Info coming soon .....

Academic Dress Hire

For ceremonial purposes, you must wear formal academic attire at your graduation ceremony. You can hire your academic dress through JCU Brisbane. You will need to complete the Academic Dress Hire Form and submit to Level 6 or email to

Cash and credit card payments are both accepted.

Beyond Graduation

Also, be sure to check out the Careers section for some useful tips on finding full time and graduate work.


JCU alumni are valued members of a global community and we consider each and every one an ambassador for JCU. Once you qualify as an alumnus because of your studies or by virtue of being a staff member, you are a member of this global community.

JCU alumni consist of the following:

  • all members of Convocation, as set and defined in JCU Statutes (no. 1);
  • all current and former staff who have served for at least one year, including academic and general staff;
  • all current and former students of JCU (including the other institutions listed in the Convocation) who have successfully completed the equivalent of at least one full-time teaching period (i.e. three subjects), including past students who did not graduate;
  • all donors who have given a cumulative gift of at least $1,000.

The Convocation of the University consists of the following:

  • all graduates of the University and all graduates of the Townsville College of Advanced Education;
  • all members and past members of the council and all past members of the council of the Townsville College of Advanced Education;
  • all past members of the Advisory Council of the University College of Townsville;
  • graduates of the University of Queensland who, while undergraduates, were enrolled for at least three years at the University College of Townsville;
  • the following staff of the University:
    • academic staff
    • the Registrar
    • the Director, Resources Office
    • the University Librarian
    • the Director, Central Services Office
    • such other persons who accept an invitation from the council to become members of the Convocation.

Alumni Benefits

JCU Alumni are entitled to a range of benefits and discounts encompassing travel, accommodation, car rental, entertainment, printing, photocopying, stationery, computers, and finance, fitness and library services. We will be adding to this range of the benefits on a regular basis.

If you are a Graduate/Alumnus, login here to take advantage of these benefits.